HAI.LT International HUB invites students from Indonesia to participate in the Call for Essays “Emerging Future on Cultural Tourism in Yogyakarta”

Selected authors will participate and/or present:

Youth Dialog Studio “Emerging Future of Cultural Tourism of Yogyakarta”

With Dr. Ben Chan (United in Diversity) on February 12, 2019.

European-Indonesian Business Foresight Forum :“NEW MEANINGS IN BUSINESS. Reinventing Identity: Leader, Organisation and the Region”

In Yogyakarta, March 10-12 of 2019.

Essay Theme

What kind of approach do you think needed to
develop Yogyakarta as a sustainable
Cultural Tourism?
(in science/education/art/business/youth)


Currently Yogyakarta is the second tourist destination in Indonesia, either for domestic and international tourist. Strong root society to Javanese tradition makes Yogyakarta become a magnet and something that the society fully aware. 

Culinary, art performance and exhibition, nature, fashion and hospitality are few things that people try to ‘sell’. Unfortunately the society are not fully aware with the concept of sustainable cultural tourism. While to keep Yogyakarta in the top two tourist destination in a long term need it. What kind of innovation needed to develop Yogyakarta as a youth?

Develop projects or actions to bring Yogyakarta to a sustainable cultural tourism city which also aim for a long-term positive impact to the stakeholders. In your essay you should consider how the use all resources available in Yogyakarta. Your idea must be able to implemented practically and inspiring. Be bold and develop a truly impactful concept to win and invited to our forum.

Essay Requirements

What we expect from the participants is an original, visionary and creative essay. In order to participate in this essay competition, following criteria should be met :
  1. Abstract 150 – 300 words (the submitted abstract should contain a sufficient summary of the paper and outline of goals, results and conclusion, including conveying sufficient understanding when read in isolation from the paper)
  2. Using English language
  3. Abstract should be submitted by 28st January 2019 at 11 pm  Indonesia West Time
  4. All sources must be cited in APA format and referred to the respective part in the essay. All contributions will be tested for plagiarism. 
  5. Full essay should be submitted by 18th February at 11 pm Indonesia West Time


Enrolled in a graduate or postgraduate program (master level or higher) in any field of study at a regular university or a young professional

Born in 1994 or later
Documents that need to be send together with the abstract are :
  1. Copy of identity card (KTP)
  2. Confirmation of enrolment from your university which proves your enrollment in a graduate/postgraduate level programme as of 28th  January 2019 for student and CV and portfolio for young professional.


January 28th

Submit the abstract of your essay

February 8th


February 11th

HAI.LT announce results of the call

We will select up to 30 essays who’s authors will be invited to the special session on the future of Yogyakarta with Dr. Ben Chan, Senior Faculty of United in Diversity.

February 12th

Session with Dr. Ben Chan

In the session selected participants will go through the method of the Process U ( to develop a vision of Yogyakarta.

HAI.LT will select participants to participate and/or present the vision of Yogyakarta as a group result and individual essays at the HAI.LT forum “NEW MEANINGS IN BUSINESS. Reinventing Identity: Leader, Organization and The Region” March 10-12, 2019, Yogyakarta.


Annisa Rahma Khalidia

Phone./Whats App

+62877 3933 1919